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Silver Price Rockets To Multi-Year Highs, Targets $169: Jason Hamlin

Excellent article. Need to check it out.CYA:
SE:******************************************************“…these estimates may prove too conservative. Silver is…After nearly 7 years of consolidation and mostly sideways trading, the silver price is finally experiencing a powerful breakout. It did not take long after breaking above the psychologically-important $20 level for silver to climb another nearly 50% toward $30 per ounce.The silver price has since corrected by 11% to the current price of $26.40, but remains up more than 45% in three weeks. Remarkably, silver is now up more than 125% from the March lows and we see significantly more upside ahead.How High Can the Silver Price Climb?The last major bull cycle propelled the silver price 12.5x higher from lows around $4 to roughly $50 per ounce. If we use the late 2015 bottom as a starting point and project the same magnitude of gain, silver is forecast to hit $169 by the end of 2025.We forecast the silver price will climb tow…

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