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As the World Embraces Clean Energy, This Metal's Price Will Soar

by: John Doody

I have been preaching this for YEARS. Check it out. Excellent read


Editor's note: The price of silver jumped about 15% in 2019 – from around $15.50 per ounce to nearly $18 per ounce by the end of the year. But as our colleague John Doody – editor of our Silver Stock Analyst publication – explain in the Weekend Edition, that's nothing compared to what the future holds for the precious metal...
Imagine cruising along a silent highway. It's rush hour... yet it's quiet. Although the road is packed with cars rushing to their destinations, one after the other... the only sounds are the whip of the wind and the crunch of asphalt under their tires. No engine rumble can be heard. Quiet and efficient electric vehicles ("EVs") now comprise the majority of all automobiles on the road.
The formerly empty fields to the sides of the highway are now filled with farms of silver-coated solar panels. Air…

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