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Silver and Gold are not investments

Hey friends, it's been a long time. Sorry about that. I've had a couple of deaths in the family and I've been quite busy with higher priorities. But I'm back. I recently retired from working, so I'll be spending a lot more time on my blog and spreading the word about the state of silver and gold. So.... let me clarify the title of this blog post. There are many reasons for people to exchange their currency for silver or gold. And yes, as an investment can be one of those reasons, but I would advise against that. Why? Because that's not what silver and gold are for. In the last 10 years, it's only averaged a gain of about 3% annually. The stock market averaged around 12%. There are much better places to "Invest" money. However, if you've done a lot of historical research on silver and gold, and you anticipate that the "Exchange Rate" to cash will go up dramatically, then you could look at it as a potential investment in the short perio

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