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Morons and Pannicking

 Just writing a little something something here. With prices of Silver and Gold (As well as the stock markets) going down recently, there's some that are panicking about their silver and gold stacking. You hear the same thing when people talking about the housing market and the price of their home dropped $50,000. My question is: "Were you planning on selling your house soon". Usually the answer is no. "So what the hell are you complaining about? You haven't lost ANYTHING. Same with silver and gold. Did you plan on trading back all your silver and gold for Fiat Dollars soon? If not, then what the hell does it matter"? You still have "X" amount of ounces. And just like the housing market, the purchasing power remains the same. If your house lost a certain percentage, then there's a 90% chance that any house you were going to buy, to replace the one you're selling, also dropped the same percentage. And you have to live some place.  So, what s

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